Masoud Moshref Javadi


9/2/2022 Congestion control is not only for fabric. Our HotNets'22 paper explains host inter-connect bottlenecks.
7/11/2022 Finally, a place for INT to shine: See Poseidon: Efficient, Robust, and Practical Datacenter Congestion Control via Deployable INT in NSDI'23
5/9/2022 PLB balances the network load over paths using only congestion signals at host. See SIGCOMM'22 experience track
12/11/2020 How programmable switches can speed-up ML? Check our paper in NSDI'21
12/2/2020 In-network Packet Subscription got CoNEXT'20 best paper award
8/9/2020 Martini: measurement and control inside switch is accepted in ICNP'20
1/15/2019 Search for texts in switches at 5Tbps! Read our SOSR'19 paper
11/12/2018 I joined Google as a Software Engineer :)
9/22/2018 In-network Packet Subscription will be presented in HotNets'18
1/15/2018 2 papers got accepted in SOSR'18
1/3/2017 Joined Barefoot Networks. Very excited about new applications on Tofino
7/29/2016 I defended my PhD dissertation
4/22/2016 Trumpet: Timely and Precise Triggers in Data Centers got into SIGCOMM'16
9/21/2015 Reevaluating measurement algorithms in software switches got into HotNets'15
9/4/2015 SCREAM: resource allocation for sketch-based measurement got into CoNEXT'15
2/18/2015 Google North America PhD Fellowship in Networking
I won Google US/Canada PhD Fellowship 2015 in Computer Networking category thanks to my advisors and USC Computer Science department. Read more at this story in Viterbi news.
8/7/2014 Operating Systems TAship in Fall 2014
I'm very excited to be TA for CSCI350 Introduction to Operating Systems course. Meanwhile I'm preparing myself by doing the Pintos projects and practicing a few lectures.
4/27/2014 DREAM paper got into SIGCOMM'14
Yay! Finally, my paper about measurement in Software-defined Networking got into SIGCOMM.
4/29/2014 FAST paper will be presented in HotSDN'14
What a great week! FAST paper is accepted as a full paper in HotSDN 2014.
9/1/2013 MRM got into SOCC as a poster
Although it could not get into SOCC as a paper, I will participate in SOCC to get more feedback in the poster session.
7/14/2013 MobiSim v3 is out
I implemented many changes in MobiSim in 2010 but never have published them with the hope that I can create a complete network simulator someday. Now, I tried to commit whatever I have done. See the project page here.
4/27/2013 SDM paper got into HotSDN
My Software Defined Measurement paper got in HotSDN'13. I cannot participate but hope everyone like it.
3/1/2013 See my data center measurement poster in NSDI
In NSDI'13 poster session, I will present the preliminary work for the data center measurement system. I hope the short paper get into HotSDN'13, too.
12/4/2012 vCRIB got into NSDI
Yay! vCRIB paper got into NSDI. It seems that our lab did a great job this year in NSDI, we have 3 papers.
11/17/2012 Creating the new website
Finally, I got a free time to create the new website.