Masoud Moshref Javadi



I'm a software engineer at Google NetInfra team working at end-host networking stack.

I worked at Barefoot Networks as a software engineer in the Advanced App team. I used the programmable switching hardware in non-traditional networking applications such as Deep Insight, In-network DDoS Detection, Matching string queries, Packet subscription and Machine learning acceleration.

I got my PhD degree in Computer Engineering at USC under supervision of Ramesh Govindan and Minlan Yu in NSL from Fall 2010. I defended in July 2016, and my dissertation is about developing timely, accurate and scalable network management systems. Such systems allow operators to define high level intents and leverage efficient algorithms at the controller, switches and end-hosts. These algorithms can quickly fine tune the switches and end-hosts to keep high accuracy, drill down fast into issues, and leverage device optimizations and network knowledge to scale. I developed four systems: vCRIB (NSDI'13), DREAM (SIGCOMM'14), SCREAM (CoNEXT'15) and Trumpet (SIGCOMM'16). I got B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Information Technology Engineering in 2007 and 2010 from Sharif University of Technology (Tehran, Iran).


12/11/2020 How programmable switches can speed-up ML? Check our paper in NSDI'21
12/2/2020 In-network Packet Subscription got CoNEXT'20 best paper award
8/9/2020 Martini: measurement and control inside switch is accepted in ICNP'20
1/15/2019 Search for texts in switches at 5Tbps! Read our SOSR'19 paper
11/12/2018 I joined Google as a Software Engineer :)
9/22/2018 In-network Packet Subscription will be presented in HotNets'18
1/15/2018 2 papers got accepted in SOSR'18

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