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DSLR series: Snapsort website Date: April 2011   

In the process of buying a DSLR camera I found many good websites such as and . Today, I want to talk a little bit about the snapsort webpage. I think its best feature is the compare one. You know, when you are wondering around for the best camera you want, you will see many camera models from different brands and it's hard to read all the reviews about them. Snapsort helps you to compare two cameras feature by feature, line by line! Yes I know, you do not even know what some features mean. That's it, there are a short help about each feature. Now that you have selected your camera, you can explore it and see more details about it. I personally like the Video feature of this page. It really helps when you want to see a real presentation of how the camera works.

By the way I do not like the "just tell me" feature, as it uses the score system and the score system is not reliable because it considers some features that you do not think is important such as popularity!. I think that the score system will be very helpful if you could set the weights yourself.
Keep in tune I will tell you about dpreview and other websites that will be helpful.

PS: I wrote about snapsort before dpreview because they hold a contest and I hope I win it!

Please let me know your opinion about this content.

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